Zingaro City Black 40L Waterproof Travel Backpack With Laptop Compartment For Men & Women

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Weekend short trip or business travel or work from anywhere, the Zingaro city black backpack with 40l capacity and laptop compartment is the ultimate travel companion. Large clothing compartment(2-4 days clothes), padded laptop sleeve & expandable shoes pocket with free rain cover and laundry pouch makes it the perfect go to backpack.Lets#GetSetZingaro

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Why we recommend you to own a multi-purpose Zingaro black backpack for travel & work ?.

For this we will have to tell you a story about Raj and Simran. *Well, everything mentioned here are  based on true incidents.*

Zingaro backpack for travel with laptop compartment stylish premium laptop backpacks for men women backpacks for bag 40l 40 litre backpacks

Raj and Simran are individuals from uptown, working in their respective jobs over the weekdays and follow their passion over the weekends.

There is one thing common between these two wonderful people, that is Travel.

Let us look at Raj’s profile and understand his travel schedules-

Zingaro backpack is a perfect go to backpack for travel, specially when it is for 3-4 days

Raj is a software developer who frequently needs to travel for 2-3 days across the country to meet his clients. He currently uses his backpack given by his company and carries a luggage to store all his clothes and shoes.

Backpack for travel for men women stylish laptop backpacks for bags latest 40l 40 litre travel backpacks

Like Raj, there are many people who travel in this arrangements. There are multiple issues with this kind of packaging.

Zingaro backpacks for travel for men women with laptop compartment latest 40l 40 litre backpacks for bags for man ladies stylish gift bags

Carrying a bulky rucksack is not an options as it

  • Doesn’t have protective laptop compartment
  • Too bulky to take for your meetings

Zingaro backpacks for travel for men women with laptop compartment 40l 40 litre travel backpack large stylish travel backpack

” There are lot of alternatives which gives option to store your clothes, but thats about it. None of the brands have gone deeper and tried solving real problems.”

More over, Raj is a travel enthusiast and looking to restart his photography hobby over the weekend. He is looking for something that can support his daily work + work out routine as well.

Zingaro backpack for travel for men women with laptop compartment best travel backpack 40l 40 litre large travel backpack for women travel backpacks for man

Well, he came across multi-purpose Zingaro black backpack for travel & daily work and made the right investment, yes that’s right, we call it an investment as we understand that backpack is your main companion on your travel you can depend upon.

So let’s look at the features that assuredly makes Zingaro black backpack for travel the best investment ever

Firstly, lets look at the clothing compartment of the Zingaro backpack for travel & daily work.

Large180 degress opening clothing compartment that can literally fit your entire wardrobe on travel with a FREE laundry ready bag

For men, Carry 3 T Shirts, 2 Jeans, 3 Shirts and a large towel in the main section. In case you are travelling for a wedding a Kurta or a blazer can easily fit along with 2 T Shirts, 1 Jeans and 1 Shirt.

Zingaro backpack for travel men women with laptop compartment stylish premium laptop travel backpacks bags for travel man latest trending travel backpacks

For women, Carry 4 T Shirts, 3 Shirts, 2 Jeans, 2 Shorts and a towel. In case of wedding, carry a saree or lehenga along with 2 T Shirts, 1 Jeans, 2 shorts.

Netted zipper pocket on the interior (For privacy) to store your inner wears.

Raj uses this large clothing section to store all his travel clothes during his business travel. While on work days, he keeps his gym clothes with proteins and other accessorises.

Zingaro backpacks for travel for men man women stylish 40 l 40 litre travel backpacks

You can also use this to store your sports gears for real work after office hours.

Now over the weekend, Raj ventures out to fulfil his appetite for  photography. He stores his camera and lenses in the clothing section along with pair of clothes.

To his surprise, there is a place to store his big camera tripod. The loops on the side which is provided to keep the water bottle in place, can be used to fix your tripod for quick removal when needed.

Zingaro backpacks for travel men women with laptop compartment stylish 40l 40 litre travel laptop backpacks for man woman

If that you don’t call a multi-purpose, not sure what else you can call.

Keep the smell of used clothes away from fresh ones by storing them in the laundry bag and Hey, it’s FREE of cost.

Zingaro backpacks for travel men women laptop compartment large 40l 40 litre laptop travel backpack stylish waterproof travel backpack

Secondly, TSA compliance electronics compartment-

Stay connected with all your electronics devices, Sleeves for 2 Laptops, USB charging slot to charge on the move:

Some of the best features that stands out from the rest of the brands are

  • Larger electronics compartment has padded sleeve that can hold laptop up to size 17 inch. Got an additional laptop?. No problem, extra sleeve for second laptop
  • Individual pockets for -Power bank, Charger, dongle, pen drive, hard disk
  • Cushion sleeve for IPad or any tablets
  • USB charging slot to charge your laptop/mobile on the move
  • TSA compliant – Pass through airport security without having to take your laptop out

USB charging slot on the side of the Zingaro backpack can be used to charge all the electronics devices without having to take them out. Also, listen to your favourite music on the go.

Zingaro backpacks for travel men women with laptop compartment stylish 40l 40 litre travel backpacks large

Work out in gym or out work in presentation with sports or office shoes:

Zingaro backpacks for travel with laptop compartment men women stylish large 40l 40 litre laptop backpack for travel

  • Need to carry an extra pair of shoes for a meeting or trekking?. No worries, an external zip when opened can hold shoes of size upto UK 12.
  • Therefore saving significant space in the main compartment and avoiding stink from spreading

Never ending features on the back panel, shh! there is a secret:

  • Ergonomic design with cushion ventilation for utmost comfort and sweat free back
  • Full length secret pocket to secure valuables
  • 2 slide in pockets for metro/bus cards and 1 zipper pocket for debit/credit cards
  • Loop to hang your sunglasses when needed

A complete professional look for that important meeting :

  • Hide your water bottle holder for a complete professional look, access it by just unzipping the pocket
  • 2 side loops to secure your water bottle of capacity up to 2 litre

Top pocket for sunglasses:

  • Zipper pocket at the top to keep sunglasses/headphone/tiffin box.

Front Panel Features:

  • Full width quick access pockets has card organiser and a key hook
  • Reflective branding for low light visibility

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Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 41.91 × 31.75 × 21.60 cm



35L – Collapsed
40L – Expanded

Laptop Size

Upto 17.3 In

Shoes Size

Upto UK 12

3 reviews for Zingaro City Black 40L Waterproof Travel Backpack With Laptop Compartment For Men & Women

  1. Ankit Jindal

    Have bought this one recently but very happy with the quality of the bag, specially comparing the price and what it has to offer. Other bags from big companies come at a price point of 5-7K minimum but don’t even offer half of what this bag has to offer. I am extremely very happy with this product and will recommend this to everyone.

  2. Ben (verified owner)

    This bag is one of the best backpacks, I have had, It fits my 17.5-inch laptop with ease which weighs about 3.8 kg and the power brick itself is about 2.5 kg. I do not feel the weight at all or any strain on my back. I carry a lot of gadgets, for my kind of work and there is still a lot of space to add a lot more stuff.

    I would recommend this to all the computer geeks/ Sound engineers/Light engineers out there this backpack is worth it…

    For the price, this backpack is amazing.

  3. Prasaad Patil

    It’s a very underrated bag I would say. What’s impressive is it’s ability to go from 35L to 40L. I am a software engineer and I have to carry all my gadgets which includes Laptop, it’s charger, Power brick and cable for mobile, Headphones, Wireless earbuds, etc. I also wanted the flexibility to carry clothes in case I go on trips or treks. This bag provides it all. I knew that laundry bad is also included with the bag. But what really surprised me is that they gave me rain cover as well. I really wish that you don’t discontinue the grey color as I have seen it personally and I just loved it’s texture.

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