Zingaro Classic Grey 40L Waterproof Travel Backpack With Laptop Compartment For Men & Women

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We all wished to get features of trolley/luggage in a backpack. Also, hoped to carry one bag for both travel as well as for daily purpose. Well, Introducing new elegant Zingaro Grey travel laptop backpack for men & women that fits perfect with all the above needs. Convertible from 40l large capacity to sleek 20l basis travel or daily purpose. Dedicated clothing, laptop, shoes pocket makes it a perfect short 3-4 days travel backpack.

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Multi-Versatile travel backpacks for men & women with laptop compartment

Zingaro grey travel backpack with 35 massive features is a perfect companion for your busy daily work and exciting travel expedition. Collapsible to sleek & stylish 20l capacity to stand out from the crowd on work days and expandable up to 40l to carry anything and everything on your adventure.

Perfect go to backpack for everyday and everywhere purpose.

Zingaro travel laptop backpack for men women with laptop compartment backpack for bags

35 Massive features making it the Perfect All-Rounder Backpack

Large clothing compartment with toiletry and inner wear pockets, Well padded laptop compartment with sleeves for two 17in laptops, USB charging slot, dirt & smell free shoes pocket, secret pocket and much more.

Sameer says- “Not a single scratch on Zingaro backpack after 5 years of extensive use.”

Watch the full video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFIGR1lhD7s&t=2s

What some of our users have to say about the Zingaro backpack

Zingaro travel laptop backpack for men women with laptop compartment stylish travel laptop backpacks for bags

Zingaro travel laptop backpacks for men women with laptop compartment stylish women men backpacks for bags

Zingaro travel backpacks for men women with laptop compartment waterproof stylish ladies travel laptop backpacks for bags

Some of the alternatives available and why Zingaro backpack stands out from all?

Small office laptop backpack, huge rucksack without laptop compartment and box type trolley have been designed to provide single solution. Because of this, you must be having two or all of these in your wardrobe with each one serving one purpose.

Small office laptop backpack is perfect for your daily office but fails when you have to travel with clothes and shoes.

Zingaro travel laptop backpacks for men women with laptop compartment stylish ladies backpacks for bags for travel 20l 40l 50l bags

Bulky rucksack is large enough to carry all your clothes but has no laptop compartment and dedicated shoes pocket. However, you can wrap your shoes and keep it inside the bag with risk of dirt and stinky smell spreading all over the bag. Plus, you wouldn’t want to carry this bulky bag for your important meetings.

Zingaro Travel laptop backpacks for men women with laptop compartment ladies stylish backpacks for bags


Designed typically for travel, the trolley/luggage bag works perfectly fine, but doesn’t support laptop and just like rucksack, you cannot carry this for your meeting.

Travel backpack for men women luggage with laptop compartment stylish backpacks for bags women men bags

Zingaro backpack NOT only saves space in your wardrobe but also money. One bag that has all the features of its alternative and much more. All this only at INR 2699 only.

Zingaro laptop backpacks for men women travel backpacks with laptop compartment for women men backpacks for bags

Now lets look at the features of the Zingaro travel backpacks for men & women

List of killer features of the Zingaro backpack are-

  • Clothing compartment with free laundry pouch
  • Laptop compartment with 2 laptop pockets and USB charging slot
  • External shoes pocket for shoes size up to UK 12
  • Multiple pockets on the back panel including trolley loop and a secret pocket
  • Retractable water bottle holder
  • Tiffin box section
  • Slide in pockets with key holder and card organizer
  • Free rain cover

and much more.

Firstly lets look at Clothing compartment

Large clothing compartment for 3-4 days clothes with Free Laundry bag.

Suitcase like opening of clothing compartment can hold clothes for 3-4 days travel. Space enough to carry your wardrobe so that you don’t miss out on your Insta moment on travel. Making it a perfect travel backpacks for men and women.

Travel laptop backpacks for men women backpacks for bags stylish travel bags

You can carry more clothes by rolling them, watch here https://www.travelwanderlust.co/articles/ranger-roll-clothes-for-packing/

On daily work days, use this section to store gym, sports clothes and accessories.

Travel laptop backpack for men women with laptop compartment waterproof backpacks for bags

For those who involve in work out or gym, play sports(Badminton, Cricket, Football or any other) after work hours can carry their pair of sports wear along with accessories in the clothing section.

Zipper pocket on the interior is provided to store your inner wears, socks. No wasting time searching for them when in need.

Toiletry pocket is specifically provided on top of the flap to quickly get on with your morning routines. Pocket is large enough to carry shower gel, tooth paste, tooth brush(Regular/electrical), trimmer etc.

Find out why Geekman recommends Zingaro black travel backpacks for men & women for short travel here

Free laundry bag to store used clothes, keeping smell away form fresh ones.

Laundry bag helps you keep all used clothes in one place, so that once returned you know which one to dump for washing. Also, this bag keeps your new clothes fresh.

The loop on the bag is used to hang the laundry bag on to the door knob while in use and fix on the dog hook of the backpack once done.

External shoes pocket, expand or collapse whenever you need.

Carry an extra sports/trekking shoes while on travel expedition or formal shoes for that important meeting in an external zipper pocket. The pocket has been placed very carefully to avoid transfer of any smell or dirt of shoes to any part of the backpack.

During daily commute, store your gym or any sports shoes.

The shoes pocket is large enough to carry size up to UK 12.

Two laptop sleeves(for up to 17″ laptop), one tablet/IPad sleeve, USB Charging slot and much more in all electronics/laptop compartment.

A dedicated electronics compartment has two large sleeves for two laptops up to size 17 inch. Well padded pocket for any tablets/IPad. Individual pockets for charger, hard disk, power bank, pendrive etc.

USB Charging slot to charge your electronic devices on the move

USB charging slot can be used to not only charge any electronics on the move, also pass through earphone or head phone to listen to music.

Zingaro travel backpacks for men women with laptop compartment large 20l 40l 50l laptop backpacks for men women for ladies

Hidden water bottle holder to maintain all professional look, retract it whenever you need

Unzip the side pocket to retract the water bottle holder that can hold bottle of size up to 1.5 litre. Two adjustable loops at top and bottom helps keeping the bottle in place.

You want a complete professional look for an important business meeting and do not want to show dangling water bottle. Hide the water bottle holder inside the side pocket and zip it up. It’s as easy as that.

Pocket for snacks on vacation or store headphone

Zingaro travel laptop backpack for men women with laptop compartment 20l 40l 50l large backpack for travel ladies stylish backpack

Large pocket with opening on top is used to store your quick bites on travel or place your headphone to access it whenever you need.

The pocket is smartly placed to keep it away from all other section so if there is any spill it doesn’t enter into any other section.

Ergonomic back panel with loaded features  – Every inch is utilised to make you move faster

Some of the features on the back panel that has your back on travel

  • Re-engineered cushion pattern for maximum comfort
  • S-Form back straps for maximum body coverage
  • Cross ventilation channel for air circulation to remove sweat from the back
  • Secret pocket to store valuables
  • Waist strap and chest strap to weight distribution
  • Trolley loop for hands free movement
  • 2 Slide in pockets for cards & coins
  • 1 zipper pocket for secure cards(Debit/Credit)
  • Elastic loop for sunglasses
  • Reflective Zingaro logo on the back strap

Multiple slide-in pockets to access card quickly with safety measures.


Protect your valuables from water or dust with Free Rain Cover

IPX4 graded material to repel water or dust giving 100% protection to your valuable inside the Zingaro backpack. The ultimate travel backpacks for men & women for all conditions.

Quick access pockets on the front for business cards and a key holder

No more searching for the card inside the bag or opening up that slouchy wallet to hand over the cards, Zingaro travel backpacks for men & women has a card organizer in the front to close the deal in no time.

Coming back home after a travel, you are tired and not able to find the house key?. Well, this is the thing of the past. The key holder on the front pocket helps you store any key so that you don’t have to worry about it when you return.

Well, If you have reached this far, we wont stretch any further. But this doesn’t mean we are done with features. There are still some more out there which we will let you figure on your own.

Travelling is a very special event, we understand being travellers ourself how important each and every second is. If spent in arranging and re-arranging would be a total waste of money and time.

Zingaro classic grey travel backpack for men & women has been designed to take care of all your needs so that you can relax and live every moment.

Zingaro travel backpacks for men women with laptop compartment secret pocket stlish backpacks for bags

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 41.91 × 31.75 × 21.60 cm



35L – Collapsed
40L – Expanded

Laptop Size

Upto 17.3 In

Shoes Size

Upto UK 12

1 review for Zingaro Classic Grey 40L Waterproof Travel Backpack With Laptop Compartment For Men & Women

  1. Devanshu prajap (verified owner)

    Just one word as Title – Fabulous

    If you have the budget of this bag just trust me close your eyes and don’t think twice, The fabric material of the to the stitching of the bag everything is top notch quality, Not to forget the amount of space utilisation available with this bag is unmatched period. And the trust of serving the 5 year warranty of the bag – Just FABULOUS.

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