Zingaro Commando Camo 40L Waterproof Travel Laptop Backpack For Men & Women

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Zingaro Commando Multi-Color Backpack is designed in respect to the brave hearts Indian soldiers. This Zingaro backpack variant loaded with 35 features helping you perform in all tough conditions just like Indian soldier. Capacity of 40L in fully expanded size can accommodate Shoes(Upto UK12), Clothes (3-4 days), Electronics(Laptop upto 17.3″) and much more. Free Rain cover and Laundry pouch with every purchase.

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Zingaro Commando Multicolor travel laptop Backpacks is the latest launch from the house of Zingaro Store which intends to solve real world problem through logical and meaningful products.

Clothing Compartment: A large compartment that can fit 3-4 days clothes. Separate pocket for under garments and toiletries. Large laundry pouch for used clothes.

Electronic Compartment: Carry Laptop, Tablet, Mouse, Hard disk,Pen Drive, All kind of charges in dedicated pockets. All around padding for safety. USB charging slot to charge a laptop/mobile without taking the device out!. Now thats very useful.

Collapsible Shoes Compartment: AA zipper pocket that goes around the length to fit a pair of shoes(Formal/Casual/Sports upto UK 11).

Features on Back Panel: The panel holds -trolley loop, secret zipper pocket. The padded shoulder strap has a slide-in card(Metro/Bus) pocket and a sunglasses loop on one side and zipper card pocket and a magnet to hold the earphone on the other.

Retractable water bottle holder: The mesh water bottle holder collapses into the side panel. Two loops keeps the water bottle in place.

Top pocket for sunglasses: Zipper pocket at the top to keep sunglasses/headphone/tiffin box.

Front Panel Features: The front panel has two zipper pockets one above the other. The bottom most zipper pocket is designed for air tickets/news paper/brochures.

The top zipper pocket has card organizers and key loop.

The Zingaro Commando Multicolor Backpack has two padded handles for vertical carry.

Reflective branding on the backpack is seen under low light places as well to avoid risk of any incidents. Now thats what we call Innovative Backpack.

Hurry up the Zingaro Commando Multicolor Backpack is available on www.zingarostore.com We have very limited stocks available, avail yours now!

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 41.91 × 31.75 × 21.60 cm



35L – Collapsed
40L – Expanded

Laptop Size

Upto 17.3 In

Shoes Size

Upto UK 12

26 reviews for Zingaro Commando Camo 40L Waterproof Travel Laptop Backpack For Men & Women

  1. Ayush Agrawal (verified owner)

    I ordered this backpack and trust me I have never seen another bag with so many features which are actually very practical. Everything in this bag is designed in a very efficient manner such that the owner can utilise every bit of the bag. It is highly recommended to get this bag for use when planning for a weekend getaway or short trips. Also a great Make in India initiative.

  2. Mallikarjun Phulari (verified owner)

    This is the one of the best and mutli purpose bag pack. 😍😍😍

  3. Veerendra swain (verified owner)

    Zingaro bagpack is amazing quality and features are great. The concept of bag making also a great. Go for it

  4. Mohit (verified owner)

    Good backpack, enough space and nicely planned comp[artments.

  5. Shishir Yadav (verified owner)

    This bag has been a lifesaver for me for my trips. I could easily pack my essentials and electronics into this and carry it around for my out of country trips. This proved very helpful during stopover flights when I could have a change of clothes while waiting for my next flight.

    The bag has so many compartments and can handle so kuch of my stuff that I don’t need to worry about allocating stuff within my luggage limit for flights.

    I’m so impressed with the bag that I’ve ordered twice for myself and another three times for my extended family.

    Great job with the bag and looking to see more improvements in the design.

  6. ASHUTOSH NAUGAIN (verified owner)

    Amazing bag/backpack.
    It can hold everything you need for a short trip (2-3 days or more upto 5-6 days if you don’t need a laptop and other accessories). The various compartments allow you to pack your stuff in an organized way so that you can use them easily when needed. The quick access pocket and hidden pocket are a plus. The laundary bag provides you the space to put your dirty clothes separately from the clean ones.
    Overall it’s totally a worthy product especially for those who take lots of daily-use stuff with them while travelling.
    You can find its worthiness after buying it. And yes it’s durable too but only if you use it properly.

  7. Vikram Kamath (verified owner)

    This is by far the best bag purchase of my life.
    * Worth every paise
    * Premium quality
    * Compact
    * Compartmentalised
    * Durable
    * Great quality
    * Waterproof, comes with a rain cover.

    I have used this bag for the oast 4 to 5 years, on my bike rides, in all weathers. Easy to clean, hasnt seen any issues yet.
    It is so well.planned that you dont need any additional pouches or covers for any of your stuff. Including a shoe compartment is the best part.

    Love the bag and recommend it to all

  8. Mehraj

    I ordered mine on 4/Jul/2018 and it is still in use and in shape.
    I extensively used this Bag for office and short treking tours for nearly 5 years and it is still in shape and working, Zippers, Stitching, welcro and evrything is intact.
    This is a good to have, value for money backpack.
    Waiting for a new model.

  9. Sufiyan Ahmed Idrisi

    One of the best quality bag I have ever bought. Awesome customer support.

    Considering the 1-day travel is much easier with this bag.

    all the very best for your vision.

  10. Bunny. S. G (verified owner)

    Zingaro back pack is the one and only indian nomatic back pack on the smallest price… It is good in buil and east to pack all my gadgets on this…. I’m totally impressed… I’m expecting larger backpacks from zingaro upto 60 liters

  11. Shivam

    Awesome bag, many features and a lot you can carry for 2-3 days trip

  12. Abhishek Bhagdutt Sharma (verified owner)

    Good backpack with good space and quality is also good. only suggestion if some color option or multicolor option to be included. This will help to identify the bag in train or airport conveyor belt . rest all is good.

  13. Amiya (verified owner)

    I love this backpack fully functional I’m using it everyday, however there is always room for improvement 1.add a false bottom in laptop compartment. 2. Increase the Capacity of luggage compartment and add a compression zipper there so when space needed it can be enlarge and accommodate a higher luggage Capacity.

  14. Sana idrisi (verified owner)

    Really good products as given in advertise
    I bought it for my husband and he is very happy with the quality

  15. Anish Agarwal (verified owner)

    Great bag, just improve these things :
    1)Extra strap is given for support, it will work two ways one for fixing the trolly and giving support while carrying.
    2)Increase the size of the shoe compartment a bit, make the width size of the bottom of the bag it will be great.
    3) Increase padding for the laptop in the bottom, as it might damage the laptop, or try shockproof protection it will boost the sale of the same, as some competitors have it.
    4)Try increasing the size of the cloth section and make it retractile with straps to make it tight as it will help in storing more things and retractability will enhance looks.
    5) Didn’t find any magnetic strip on the shoulder strap
    6) Add padding on the back to make it more comfortable
    7)Quality of chains is not good, runners feel very weak and easily breakable.
    8) Bring back the grey color for the bag it looks great.
    9) Make chains anti-theft, which can make the bag irresistible.
    10) Can add a few hooks that will increase its usability as a travel bag.

    Other competition bags I considered, PS. you can learn from these bags about a few features or designer looks:
    1) https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B08XPMY3P8?ie=UTF8&psc=1&linkCode=sl1&tag=jyoti05f-21&linkId=cde7e656572940921a66ab49f4b59d89&language=en_IN&ref_=as_li_ss_tl
    2) https://www.seute.in/products/verdiator-laptop-backpack-vc86ee0d9d7ed
    3) https://www.amazon.in/dp/B07BZ5VC4H/ref=cm_sw_r_as_gl_apa_gl_i_5AWMG0M1WGKJQ8H8JW93?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&linkCode=ml1&tag=footloosemate-21
    4) https://www.amazon.in/dp/B097KDRZ67/ref=cm_sw_r_as_gl_apa_gl_i_dl_P3J5K0K74H60VKCMTRKA?linkCode=ml1&tag=footloosemate-21

    It is a great bag with a great team supporting the product. Loved the way it was produced and delivered on time. I love all the features provided but there is always room for improvement.

  16. Teneichong Telien (verified owner)

    I travel mostly with my 2 kids and carry my laptop too whenever we travel. I have backpacks which are either too large or too small and was becoming inconvenient. I read a lot of reviews in amazon and YouTube and finally decided to order Zingaro backpack and I must say I am impressed with how multipurpose this backpack is. Spacious for few days trip as well as compact enough even for daily use. The material used seems to be of excellent quality too. Compared to other bag brands even the price is relatively cheaper. Definitely recommend this backpack

  17. Shiv Shankar (verified owner)

    Best backpack for travel and daily use.

  18. Sajal Jindal (verified owner)

    I recently purchased multipurpose travel bag of Zingaro and wanted to share my thoughts on the product. Overall, I am very pleased with the bag and have found it to be a great addition to my travel gear. Here are some specific points that stood out to me:

    Versatility: The bag is very versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. I have used it as a carry-on for flights, as well as a backpack for day trips and hiking excursions.

    Durability: The bag is made of high-quality materials and feels very sturdy. I have used it on multiple trips and it still looks and feels like new.

    Organization: The bag has multiple pockets and compartments, which makes it easy to keep everything organized and easily accessible. I particularly appreciate the separate laptop compartment, which provides extra protection for my computer.

    Comfort: The bag is comfortable to wear, even when fully loaded. The shoulder straps and back panel are well-padded and provide good support.

    Overall, I would highly recommend this multipurpose travel bag to anyone looking for a versatile and durable option for their travel needs. Thank you for creating such a great product!

  19. Niraj patil (verified owner)

    I ordered Back pack and it’s features and Bag pack Quality was very nice

  20. Rahul Kumhar

    After a lot of search for a perfect bag I found this bag. And i have loved it since I got this in my hand. A perfect bag to travel. Quality, Comfort, and every other thing of this bag is very perfect. A big Thumbs up to Zingaro.

  21. Ankit Jindal (verified owner)

    Have bought this one recently but very happy with the quality of the bag, specially comparing the price and what it has to offer. Other bags from big companies come at a price point of 5-7K minimum but don’t even offer half of what this bag has to offer. I am extremely very happy with this product and will recommend this to everyone.

  22. Aku

    Quality of bag is really good. Bag is specious with lots of pockets & 180 degree folded.

  23. Sagar khawse (verified owner)

    After searching alot of bags I came to know about this amazing app and its a total worthy bag. I just loved it.

  24. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Amazing bagpack full of feautures.

  25. Shilpa shankar

    Quality of the Product:
    Excellent quality bag for multupurpose.
    Very useful product for frequent travellers.
    Truely value for money.

    Outstanding service.
    Response both on phone & watsapp was in time.
    Delivered the product within the committed time.

    Thank you for the concern (Ganesh bhat)!
    All the best to the team Zingaro🙂

  26. Aditya

    I had signed up for the Crowdfunding campaign for this bag and when I received it, I was in total surprise. It is an amazing bag with a ton of features. The materials used are super premium and the build and stitch quality is also top notch. It is perfect companion for short trips be it leisure or business. The bag is so useful and premium in quality that I ordered a second one as well to gift to my cousin since he is frequent business traveller.
    I would definitely recommend this for all jetsetters who are looking for a perfect combination of utility, looks, features and comfort.

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