Zingaro Bag Story

We all have been through situations where we need to stuff lot of things in limited space of our Backpack or luggage, Isn’t it?.

Zingaro backpack is a result of extensive research with manufacturers, designers and all lovely customers like you.

Quick business travel for 2-3 days?, Need to carry all essentials ?

Long weekend ahead?. Need to visit a place that you been waiting for?

Going to you native for a weekend?

Above situations are the basis on which Zingaro backpack features have been designed and built.

Background before the launch of Zingaro Bag

During the summer in 2019, I had to make a business travel for 2-3 days. I also planned to extend my stay to look around. I was content of using my every backpack for this purpose. Following were the list of items that i was going to carry for this travel

  • 2 shirts
  • 4 t shirts
  • 2 Jeans
  • 4 undergarments
  • 1 Shoes
  • 3 Socks
  • 1 Laptop
  • 1 Laptop charger, 1 Mobile charger
  • 1 Passport
  • All toiletries

I started packing all these in my daily use backpacks, little did i know the troubles which i had to face later.

Similar issue faced by Samee. Here is the link https://youtu.be/30Gdn1vwhso

Beginning of the trouble what Zingaro Backpack aims to solve –

Started my journey only to realise that at the airport i had to first take my packed clothes out to take my laptop, the electronic charges are placed in another section which was a big struggle in itself, Because of the Shoes that i placed inside the bag already started making interior smelly.

I was awestruck just to realise there were lot of other people facing similar issues.

As my backpack was not TSA compliant, i had to take my laptop out for the security clearance. Putting everything back into the backpack was another hustle. When all this is happening you will always be at the risk of losing some of your belongings.

Trouble Continues….

As i was waiting for my flight, I realised that my laptop was running out of charge, so i had to take it out to plug it to charge. Uh! everything seems to be a chaos. Just then i realised i lost my check in pass. Somehow i managed to get hold of it.

Boarded the flight, reached my destination, just then i realised i do not have enough cash for the cab (This was pre-UPI era). The struggle of searching inside the bag continued.

Got off the plane but not the pain…

Booked a taxi, reached the hotel and realised that my well ironed Shirt got crumbled. Though my meeting went well. But I had to go through a lot during the day.

After coming back form the meeting, I packed my sweaty dress in the same compartment as my fresh clothes, I was left with no other option. 🙁

Took out my toiletry pouch to get freshen up where some of the tubes had a leak and wet the entire toiletry pouch.

After the meeting, I got ready for my country side exploration with the shoes kept inside the backpack. Came back and had to pack the dirty shoes back into my backpack.

At the end of this visit, Once i was back to Bangalore, I realised this problem is huge and faced by lot of people like me.

The Idea of Zingaro Backpack/Zingaro Bag

As lot of travellers faced variety of situations/issues, we had to conduct primary survey amongst different type of travellers to understand their needs or aspiration in the Zingaro backpack.

Some of the users pointed out the issues they faced when they had to carry their clothes while travelling and how the daily commute backpack was not fulfilling the purpose. Thats the result of a dedicated clothing section in Zingaro Backpack.

Deeper understanding of the problem –

We had to dive deeper to understand the kinds of clothes they usually carry to come up with the size of this clothing compartment. The width and depth of the clothing section of the Zingaro bag is just the right size for your to carry 2-3 days travel clothes.

Introduction of the unique solution in Zingaro Backpack

Users also complained about segregation of the used and fresh clothes as the later gets smelly over time. Hence, the introduction of the separate laundry bag to put all your used clothes. This Laundry bag of the Zingaro bag comes along with the handle that you can hang it on any door knob. The zipper on the laundry bag is made by YKK.

Dedicated Space for Undergarments in Zingaro Bag

Most common issues faced while travelling by most of the users were the separation of their undergarments in the backpack and have it at the non-visible section of the backpack. Zingaro backpack not only has a dedicated section for all your undergarments, also made sure to keep it hidden inside the clothing compartment.

Separate Toiletry in the Zingaro Backpack

Tube/Bottle (Toothpaste, Shower gel, Bath gel, Shampoo) getting leaked during the travel is another biggest problem faced by traveller. May it be for business or leisure, a pack of toiletries is a a common essentials, but none of the branded backpack provides dedicated section to it. The Zingaro backpack has a separate zipper pocket just for all your toiletries.

Carrying Your shoes while travelling, No issue Zingaro Backpack got you covered

We always have been in situation where we need to carry a pair of shoes (Formal or Sports or casuals) and we need to pack it in a polythene and insert inside the main compartment. This at times even without our concession thinking about the smell that it could spread or the space that it will further shrink while at travel.

Electronics is not just our laptop-

People usually carry lot of electronics apart from their laptops, it’s very common to see a dedicated compartment just for the laptop. The Zinagro backpack has a taken a step ahead and provided a dedicated compartment for your all your electronics and related items such as

  • Laptop
  • Laptop Charger
  • Mobile Charger
  • Pen Drive
  • Power Bank
  • Hard Disk
  • Tablet

All your electronics are placed in one section and this compartment is well padded to making sure its safety.

Unique Cable Slot in Zingaro Backpack Which is not there in any other backpack

Listening to music or charging your phone on the go is very common while travelling, what if we tell you that you can charge your laptop without taking it out of the backpack. The Zingaro backpack/Zingaro bag has a small slot provided on the sides of the electronics section just enoight for you to slide-in your cables (Charging/Earphone) for any purpose. Just need to plug-into the device inside the compartment. Isn’t that amazing, That’s one of the most coolest features of the Zingaro Backpack.

Back panel of the Zingaro Backpack has your back –

During our research we realised lot of consumers look for comfort when it comes to the back panel which includes the back support and the shoulder straps. Well, the Zingaro Backpack has gone a way too into futuristic design and has made the back panel not only comforting but also supported with lot of some crazy features.

Back panel of Zingaro backpack

The back panel of Zingaro bag has a secret zipper pocket at the lower center of the panel. This is to make sure of the safety of the valuable item that you keep. You can utilize this pocket for Passport, Wallet, Phone, Ring or a chain. As this pocket rest against your back making sure that its safe all the times.

Thick padding on either side of the back panel makes sure your back rests well while the Zingaro backpack takes all the load. The spongy cushion provides not only good support but also provide good air circulation.

The magical straps of the Zingaro Backpack

Travellers use the strap of other backpack just to get some support while travelling. The Zingaro backpack had engineering these straps into functional beast. Yes!, We mean it.

The right and left shoulder strap comes with the easy access slide-in pockets for your metro card or business cards. Lot of consultation with the actual users have been done to come up with the size and the placement of these pockets.

The left strap has a zipper pocket for your debit card or any other important card, hence the zip on the pocket.

The right strap has a loop for you to hand your sunglasses when not in use.

Trolley loop to off load the Zingaro Backpack on your trolley

Most of the consumers who is the primary audience of Zingaro backpack, We received feedback that they carry their trolley bag along with their regular usage backpack. Hence we have provided a loop by which Zingaro backpack can inserted for easy carriage.

Now thats a back panel of Zingaro backpack re-engineered.

Front Panel of Zingaro Backpack built purely functional

Front panel is majorly used for just branding by most of the brands and the use cases or features takes back seat. But when we spoke to our customers we realised there is so much more you could do with this section. Reason being this is the first section users come into contact with when they turn it around and having a quick access pocket that has relevant features is all that important.

Zingaro backpack has two easy access pocket on the front panel. The top panel has a key holder and a card holder with the segregation. The key holder is a cool feature which is intelligently kept on the front panel for users not to spend any additional time in search of the key once they get back home.

Card holder again plays a pivotal role when you are required to share your business card during any meeting!

The bottom zipper pocket is designed with a perfect width for users to insert their tickets, brochures, News papers or any other tickets that you feel has to be secured while travelling.

Front panel of Zingaro Backpack is bombarded with features

Couple of more kick-ass features of Zingaro Backpack

Have you seen the water bottle holder dangling around when they are not in use, well this is one of the most common issues faced by travellers. Along with premiumness that is taken away by the netted water bottle holder. Well Zingaro backpack has re-engineered the water bottle design where the the entire section can e pushed into the pocket and zip it up.

Functional and Premiumness at the same time

If not in use the water bottle section of the Zingaro backpack will not be visible to any one. Now thats premium +.

When in user, there are two adjustable loops to make sure that the water bottle is in place.

Easy access pocket for your sunglasses

Travellers usually like to access their Sunglasses on the go. We have provided an easy access pocket on top of the Zingaro backpack for users to access it any time.

Anti dangling loop- Now thats called putting thinking cap on while designing Zingaro backpack

We came across lot of cases where users complained about their backpack strap dangling around while on the move. Well, we have provided the solution for this . There are two elastic loops which could be used to insert the extra length of the backpack straps so that no dangling of the strap happens.

Reflecting Branding of Zingaro Bag

Well its not that you will be moving only during the day time while you travelling, right?. So we have taken that into consideration and provided reflecting branding on the front panel and backpack strap of the Zingaro Backpack. So that you will be visibility under low light situation.

Each and every section of the Zingaro backpack is carefully though through and built. The journey hasn’t been simple. Lot of iteration, lot of sampling has been made to make sure we provide the best design in front to our users which has been designed carefully discussing with them.

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